Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fire water burn

Did we thought we'd have a normal day. We just got home from the supermarket and I wanted to build up the box for the baby, when I saw fire and smoke coming out of the window. Our Turkish neighbour's house was on fire. Like, serious on fire. We instantly closed all windows and I tried to fight the fire with my garden hose. My efforts were hardly enough to make any difference, but you do what you can. The leaves of some plants in our garden dried up and could be going to burn as well.

When the fire fighters arrived we were forced to leave our home. Giving us just enough time time catch our rabbits, put them in a travel cage and go to our other neighbour. We were lucky. The wind was not blowing into our direction. So our damage are some plants and a misformed drain pipe.

The strangest stories are going on when there's a fire. I heard from a friend of the old Turkish man that he was outside when the house started to burn. Other people said that he was trying to remove weed between the stone slabs in his garden with a gas burner. Strange story, but I must say that it is in-character.

While we were visiting our other neighbour for 1,5 hours with the rabbits still in the cage (almost a time record!), we heard that she's moving out in about 3 months because of her bad health. That leaves us with a totally different view on our neighbourhood in a few months with other neighbours on both sides.


Joris said...

Hmm, lucky for you (the direction of the wind...)

Must be a strange experience.

Hope your new neighbours are okay. Always a mystery what you will get.

Neighbours on the other side? Seems like that could take some time.

Where is the picture of the deformed rainpipe? :-)