Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ester's in hospital

Seems like our life keeps is in the disaster format. Ester's in hospital. But if I can write about that on my blog, you know that whatever it was is under control now.

Ester had on the night of Monday to Tuesday painful cramps which kept her almost all night awake. The midwife checked her first thing in the morning. In the afternoon Ester was checked again. The womb had opened a tiny little bit by then and the cramps still hadn't seized. So she was sent to the hospital.

The next two days I was in a flux of going back and fro between hospital and home. Ester has to keep quiet and musn't do any exercise. She constantly gets medicine to stop the cramps/contractions and already had medication by which the development of the lungs of the baby accelerate.

I was hoping it would be just the initial 48 hours, but it still hasn't stabilized. Because of that she will still be in hospital for some time.

It is an insecure time for us. Ester's almost in week 34 (coming Tuesday). They then will stop the contraction stoppers and our baby might be born prematurely. It could also take to week 42.

Either way: there's no reason to doubt the baby will be in bad health. And that's most important.