Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Link dump #2

Pfff! I am now tremendously busy with school, but I found the time to do a little link dump.

  • Google Quick Reference
    Let's face it: we use it everyday. Why not delve into search techniques for just 5 minutes. I assure you that you will from time to time use other techniques than just cramming that text field with all the words you can think of to narrow a search down.
    To assure you: It may be a large list of tips, but you'll only need the first ones mentioned.
  • Babynamewizard.com
    Not only just interesting when you're looking for baby names. The names you find and the developments or declines they make through the years are both interesting and amusing. Now I know why I don't like the name "Walter": It's so old-fashioned.
    Anyway: just click in the text field and start typing a name or just a few letters. A graph will appear immediately.
    You need the Java virtual machine to see it.