Monday, May 04, 2009

three mattresses and a baby

The extra mattress has arrived! That does not seem like a great deal, but this makes our co-sleeping very official: the whole Bos family sleeps in one great bed and had to buy another mattress since we are now with the four of us.

The extra space is especially handy with Isabel. Often when I wanted to go to bed I found her on my part of the family bed. If not, she would take at least as much width of the bed as possible. But to be frank: I hope they will stay in the family bed for a long time.

For those who are interested (or shocked) by co-sleeping some links from Ester:


Sanne said...

Hi Wouter,
Thought I'd read up on your life with two little ones... Glad to read the nights are cozy. You're blog does seem kind of quieted down, so I guess they keep you busy. How did Isabel adjust to her little brother?
Here our fingers are still crossed for a job for Jannes... but I'm glad he is going to school so he also has to leave the house in the mornings.
Say hi to Ester,
Sanne (and Jannes, I guess, he's playing poker)