Monday, March 10, 2008

South Africa update

For those who are interested a short South Africa update:

I'm here for almost a week now in Gordon's Bay. That's in the vicinity of Cape Town. Before I had one foot on the ground, I already have seen the townships. Those shacks are that close to the airport that you can take a good look just a minute before the airplane hits the ground.

The most important thing I have done until now is standing on a surf board. I took 3 wave surfing lessons and it's fun! Most of the lessons were given by a guy who is not only a wave surfing coach but also a priest who preaches in a baptist church!

Of course I already visited Cape Town, but I still have to go to the Table Mountain, an important plateau that's visible from any place in the city. I also visited Stellenbosch, a small city with a university that's safer compared to other cities, like Cape Town. My father bought a bike there. Together with the bike he lent from someone, we can now tour around with bicycles. The only problem is that Piet from the shop did not tighten all the screws, so we had some problems in the first tour :-(

Yesterday I visited a kindertehuis and a church. Both were in a township. Ans yes: those black churches really swing. :-) After that back to the shopping mall and then back to Stellenbosch again to fly with Mike Taylor in his plane. In an hour we visited Cape Town, Robben Island, the bay area, Strand and of course StellenBosch again. After that I was tired and had an headache. So I have to slow it down a bit.

By the way: the local radio station here sounds sometimes like the music on :-)