Friday, June 15, 2007


For those who haven't noticed: i had a few small warts on my hands. I tried to remove them multiple times, but wasn't successful. Since it's caused by a virus infection it should eventually go away when the immune system eradicated the virus. But I waited for a long time and nothing happened. So I went to the doctor knowing that removing the warts will not be painless. And man did that hurt.

Since the warts were relatively small the doctor chose for cutting instead of freezing the warts away. He gave me a way out to do only one hand or one finger, but I wanted them all gone. So I got 8 needles poked in my fingers (2 in each one). It was a bloody, painful mess, but I got rid of the larger warts. I just hope that the scars aren't that visible. I like my hands with those long, gentle fingers...