Friday, May 11, 2007

Still in search for a new home

For those wondering if we've found a house by now: no. We're still searching. Between changing diapers, we're still searching websites like Funda. Do we have a house we've got our eye on at this particular moment? Always some house, but it always turns out to be a disappointment. But I think we're getting there. I don't say that we will find our house this week (although it just might), but we're getting there. We maybe have to cut our wish list a little. Our wish list at the moment:

  • A better, quieter district (where parking your car in the middle of the street is not a ubiquitous habit)
  • A garden...
  • ...and it would be nice if it's facing south
  • At least 4 rooms
  • A large living room
  • 2 toilets
  • Place to park the baby carrier in the hall
  • A storeroom. Big enough to keep the vacuum cleaner there.
Shouldn't be hard, right? :) Well, I'm sure we will be able to find a nice home this year. We sure are fed up living in the Duivenstraat.