Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Palm in coma

Well, everybody knows that I like my Palm PDA. And I'm still happy with it after a year of intensive use, but now it'll have to be repaired. It won't switch on again. My Palm can do almost everything except sing and dance. It is my agenda, contact list, notepad, newspaper, mp3 player and even my remote control to control the shutter of my digital camera. I also read books on my Palm, but that was less of an success. The best thing to read a book is still a paper book. I hate to say it but it's true.

Anyway. I read the warranty conditions of my Palm and I saw something peculiar.

3. damage caused by accident, fire, power changes, other hazards or acts of God
What the hell do they mean with "acts of God"? I guess natural disasters, but then they could just write that down. I mean: I'm an atheist. Will I get a telephone call back from PalmOne where somebody on the other end of the line says: "Well mister Bos. We checked your warranty claim and ...ehrm... well, how will I bring this to you... We checked the divine database and it seems that you pissed God off. So the malfunctioning of your Palm E2 is no technical problem. God just hates you. I'm sorry."

Well one thing's for sure: God is everywhere. Even in a limited warranty statement.


Joris said...

I can only say: If you believe in god, isn't everything an act of god?

Sorry, I don't really know these things since I am an atheist too.