Monday, January 16, 2006

I earned $100!

...and I got a sticker for free!

Yes! Finally my first $100 cheque. Earned by taking pictures and uploading them to It took me from February 2005 to December 2005 to reach that amount, but the next $100 milestone can only get faster now.

For those who don't know what iStock is: it's an online databank with photographs and illustrations for sale. People like desktop publishers can purchase a few pictures (mostly $1 to $3) for a very reasonable price. 10% is for the photographer and that percentage will grow as the sales grow.

I celebrated that occasion with a photographic trip to Liege, Belgium. More of that later. For now, I'm still amazed by getting a cheque from some Canadian company (I thought Vancouver-based) that I only know by their website.


Joris said...

Indeed it is odd, that people you never met in person are sending you money... the internet is a wonderous medium.

GRATZ! btw.

So, how much tax do you have to pay?

I guess you can't really make a living yet through iStockPhoto.

Have been looking at their intake criteria. Seems doable with my camera. If only the sun would breakout I might be able to make some pictures with enough lighting :)

Anyway, go electricspace go to your next cheque!