Sunday, December 25, 2005

Link dump

Since I have nothing to say in particular about Christmas I'll share some interesting sites with you:

    Cuddly, fluffy, small animals. apparently too much for some people to cope with.
  • Kippensoeplied of Studio Brussel
    It's a song for a good cause, but the lyrics are too strange to be true:
    I translated a little bit of the lyrics: "although man has to fight sometimes / some times a tear falls, a curse / man could not be a man / without chicken soup"
    Click on the link and hear the song! Off course: as a vegetarian I do not condone these lyrics.
    5-1-2005: apparently the word 'chicken soup' is part of an on-going hoax of a certain dj playing on that station. he has a game on his show where a listener has to call somebody else and let him/her say the word 'chicken soup' within 1 minute, without directly asking for that.
  • Good song in an advertisement? Find it at
    Mesmerized by the impressive commercial of Sony's Bravia (you know: zillion colored balls bouncing down the road) and by its music? You can find title and artist of all songs used in commercials broadcasted by the STER on their website.