Wednesday, December 26, 2007

iPod, the choice of composers :)

couldn't resist to post this one.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Team APS

My ex-colleagues posted the picture of the whole team on my last working day. That's great! now I don't have to upload it myself :)

Cubicle wage slaves unite! :)

It's not that busy on my new job at the moment, so I took the time to take a picture of my desk. Yup, it sure looks a bit like a cubicle. Only 2 more walls to go. Than it will be just a matter of time until Agent Smith will show up for another sequel of Matrix :)

Oh, and please take notice of that peculiar piece of hardware next left to my keyboard. That's my new gadget and a true companion each day in the train: it's the iRex Iliad. For those who are curious: here's the Iliad in action on YouTube.

But back to my new job: as I said it's not that busy for me now. The real work will most likely begin next week. Right now I've been more busy reading documents about how to make websites for the government and setting up a new, personal code library on my USB-stick. I must say: it looks promising. Well, I must say: as promising as all other programs that I installed on my 4GB USB-dongle. I really need it because I can't install anything on my computer. That's a whole step back from what I was used to...

Anyway: the interior of the building looks fair and nice. the exterior of the building is less fancy as you can see by the picture on the bottom of this post. I took that picture from the part of the building where the main door is located. By the way: it's a large building and a lot of companies and organizations reside there, so I'm not working behind one of these gloomy, pigeon-filled windows. Our windows look better than that :)

But besides that little thingy: I like what I see, the atmosphere seems fine and the companies' philosophy sounds good. I think I'm going to like this company (if I didn't already). Oh yeah, one big plus: 2 of the 3 colleagues next to my cubicle seem to share the same deviant musical taste, so I'm hoping to discover even more music!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

ultrashort post

For everyone who wants to know about my new job: I had my first day and it went well, but I got sick in the afternoon and had to throw up round 1700. This Tuesday I had a sick day. I hope to work again Wednesday. Really love to be in a big city again.